Valdas Adamkus
Student Contest

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Students from Michigan Technological University and the Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Community College compete for a $5,000 scholarship provided in honor of Valdas Adamkus, former EPA Region 5 Administrator and President of Lithuania.

ABOUT Valdas Adamkus

A military transport ship made a stately entrance into New York Harbor on August 23, 1949, to the delight of one young passenger who, along with many other World War II refugees, had traveled more than 4,300 miles across the Atlantic Ocean fleeing from Soviet-occupied Lithuania. The ship headed directly to the dock, bypassing Ellis Island by way of a special congressional act. As the young passenger made his way to the exit, the captain plucked him from the crowd, shook his hand, and said, “Young man, you will have a great future in America.” The captain could not have known how propitious a statement he had made to the 23-year-old Valdas Adamkus, who would grow up to become the Great Lakes Environmental Protection Agency’s Regional Administrator and serve in that capacity under President’s Carter, Reagan and Bush – clean up Lake Erie, and then return to Lithuania serve two terms (1998–2003, 2004–09) as president of the homeland he had to leave behind.